Queen of Wistful Thinking…


Today I visited a colleague and his wife as they have just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. Tiny fingers. Tiny toes. Tiny everything. So cute.
And as I was recalling DS’s birth 8 months ago, I found myself feeling a little wistful as I think back to when he was just so little and so cute in his little transparent hospital crib, all swaddled up, with his tiny fists clenched in the mittens, so sleepy, so at peace with the world. And how I longed to be back in that moment. Now that I think about it, what was the great big hurry about finishing up the confinement month and maternity leave to go back to work?!
DS really seems to grow up too fast. He’s already impatiently trying to pull himself to a standing position in his cot. Soon, he’ll be crawling, standing, cruising, walking, running! And then the sky’s the limit!
Too fast. For me, at least. Maybe it’s that with two kids I have less time to obsess over milestones so it’s just all sweeping by my eyes as the days fly by.
Well, the pace ain’t gonna slow down just for me to be wistful, so if you’ll just excuse me, I’m gonna stop this wistful business, stop typing my blog entry and go give him a special cuddle. Just because 🙂


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