Field Trip to the Fire Station


On Saturday mornings, the Singapore Civil Defence Force opens its fire stations to the public where you can climb into the fire engines, check out all the fire-fighting equipment like the gas masks, temperature sensors, etc, peek into the ambulances, sit on a Red Rhino, try manning a fire hose, and go up on the crane on the top of the fire engine (there’s a loooooong queue though…).

Before we made this trip, I did some object lessons with DD on the weekdays leading up to it. We did a fire engine puzzle. We talked about fire engines – the colour, what was on the engine, the equipment, the fireman’s uniform. We looked at books about fire engines. And we made a fire engine! (Unfortunately I don’t have the step-by-step pics, but I think you can quite figure it out from the pic…it’s quite an easy craft to do =) )

Home made fire engine

Home made fire engine

Then on April 4th, we brought the kids to the Central Fire Station on Hill Street on April 4th. It was quite the educational trip. But oh, such a very hot day. Check out DS’s romper. It has a fire engine on it. So in-keeping with the theme huh? (No, of course I didn’t buy the romper just for the sake of it, I just happened to have a fire engine romper)


After trying out all the activities, and giving up the wait to go on the crane (weather was just too hot!), we were seriously hankering after aircon, aircon!! So we escaped into the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery. Admission is free. The Heritage Gallery is a mini museum of sorts, that has displays of old fire-fighting trucks and equipment, interactive games and activities like pencil rubbings for kids on the second level. They even have kid sized firemen’s uniforms for children to take photos with.

I thought it was a very educational trip for all of us. We’ll certainly go back again. But next time, since I’ve heard all the tour commentary already, in typical kiasu Singaporean fashion, I’m going to head straight for the queue to go up the crane!



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